To everyone that might be interested.
Few months ago we as JCI Hellas received a mail from a member of JCI Reus, explaining
to us a project they had in mind concerning the refugees and the immigrants that arrive
daily in Hellas (Greece) and they were asking for our help.
At first it was a surprise for me as President of JCI Hellas, to get to know that young people
from so far away that had probably never come again to Greece wanted to come and help
the greek authorities and the greek citizens in this so serious issue that concerns all the
greek society and the thousands of people that arrive daily at the greek islands, with the
dream of arriving to Europe. It made me think that they probably had started to realize that
it’s an issue that concerns all the European citizens and of course it is a matter of
From the first moment I was very positive on helping them in order to fulfill their project so I
started coming in contact with all the authorities that are involved such as the Hellenic
Coast Guard, the Mytilene Port Authority, the Secretariat General for the Aegean and the
Island Policy and the UNHCR.
The situation is obviously not easy but we are positive that all will go fine and at the
moment we are trying to make the project “From Reus to Hellas” real, in matters such as
the place that the lifeguards will stay, which has to be close to the city of Mytilene and also
to the place that the refugees and the immigrants arrive and the cooperation that they will
have with the authorities on the island of Lesvos.
As JCI President I had the chance to inform all the other JCI Presidents during the
European President’s Meeting that was held in Aberdeen of Scotland during 4-7/2, about
this project. The meaning of what I said was that it is touching to know that young people
from a different country, who we don’t even know are ready to come and help in such a
serious problem that our country is facing, by saving lives!
We are here for the team of the lifeguards from Catalonia and we will do our best to help
them !
Sofia Michalopoulou
National President
JCI Hellas.